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Re: [jox] Re: Topic style and/or issue style

Hi Mathieu,

Mathieu O'Neil wrote:
The question that remains is the evaluation process for the research section: traditional blind peer review; or collective discussion on the list; or some combination of both? This needs to be sorted out before approaching potential additional scientific committee members - or at least we need a working proposition. Maybe two blind reviews which are then circulated to the list?

Sounds good to me -- though "blind review" will probably often be quite
un-blind in a such small community, where authors will probably easily be
identifiable by their topic and approach. Anyway.

Though then you could have authors seeing what people are saying about them - it might not be a problem, could in fact encourage people to be super-competent... but it will certainly strike some researchers as a pretty radical innovation, and not all would be prepared to do it. I'm open to it, but also would appreciate some feedback from list members. It would be great to have an opinion from someone who has experience with academic publishing...?

Best regards

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