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Roles and responsibilities (was: Re: [jox] Mission statement)

Hi Athina and all!

I think we should make clear which roles we need and which are the
responsibilities of these roles.

Last week (7 days ago) Athina Karatzogianni wrote:
An editor and a maintainer are not exactly the same things. We need quite a
few maintainers to do administrative stuff primarily also web related stuff,
editors to review and assign to reviewers, editorial asisstants type
thing to keep track of the authors and corrections/deadlines and of course a
list of reviewers (which is quite easy to establish). The individuals that
would like to get involved in the editorial side and reviewing can easily
declare themselves, the biggest conern is to have maintainers committed to
cover admin and editorial assistants to chase up authors -- the legowrk in
other words.

Here is what I understood / think.

  The responsibility of a reviewer is to review a given article and
  check it for some quality conditions. The results of this review are
  to be reported back to the editors.

Maintainer (in the sense of peer production)
  The responsibility of a maintainer is to keep the whole thing
  together and to move it forward. As such a maintainer needs to

  * summarize discussions

  * ask for opinions

  * make decisions if they don't come about in a timely manner

  * check that given constraints - such as time constraints - are met

  * care that the general direction of the project is kept

  * take the overall responsibility

  The responsibility of an editor is more on the content side. An
  editor needs to

  * care for interesting content

  * check that the quality constraints of content is met

  * check that a proposed article fits into the journal

  * care for the structure of the content (such as on the website or
    in an issue)

Editorial assistant
  The responsibility of an assistant is to care about all low level
  organizational tasks.

Of course a person can assume more than one role and the roles a
person assumes can change.

Other ideas?



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