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[jox] Re: Topic style and/or issue style

Hi Mathieu and all!

I agree with what StefanMz replied. But to make this very clear I'll
repeat this myself.

5 days ago Mathieu O'Neil wrote:
My second point is the relationship beween Oekonux and the journal.
Obviously both these projects are interested in the same things
(researching and extending peer production) and equally obviously
Oekonux is in a sense the "patron" or "publisher" of the journal as
it will be hosting the journal website.

Yes. Though I admit that I would make me proud if the journal is
hosted on an Oekonux domain I could also imagine that it has its own
domain. In other words: The main point are technical reasons. However,
they can be changed if needed.

But, I think we should be
careful about making them too integrated in terms of content - or
rather I don't agree with how you formulate the direction of this
integration. What I'm trying to say is that what in my view would be
the best is a space where people in the Oekonux network can
communicate and exchange with other people including academic
researchers in an equal way. 


If however there is a perception that the journal and [ox] are one
and the same (so that for example anything that is published on an
[ox] website can automatically translate to the journal)

I don't think I ever even remotely suggested something like this. If
something interesting on [ox] happens *and* someone comes up with
creating an article from it *then* it *could* be a candidate for the
journal - no different from other candidates. I don't see any
automatism and would even think this would be counterproductive for

[ox] is a discussion platform and on the mailing lists anything can
happen. This is fine. The journal needs far stronger quality gates.

So in brief what I would say is that the peer-reviewed "pearls" in
the journal could happily be featured on the [ox] website, rather
than the other way around.




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