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Re: [jox] Multi-rating mode of evaluation

Hi Biella and all!

Last week (7 days ago) Gabriella Coleman wrote:
What I don' think we need is some numberical rating system. Why do we 
need a rating system to engender a review process /journal that takes a 
different tack toward the paper it accepts? Why can't a 
conversation/conscioussness about what we expect, what we would like to 
see not take its place? This is where again a conversation between the 
reviewers might be the way to do it, even if brief.

I think a rating system is useful for the readers. A
(multi-dimensional) rating gives them a quick clue on what they might
want to spend their time for reading and what not. This is
particularly true if we have a multitude of categories for rating.
Each reader then can choose the stuff most appropriate for her.

On the other hand I have no problem with publishing the conversation
between reviewers and authors. If a reader is interested in this then
s/he is of course free to read this. And may even comment if s/he

It's all about helping readers sorting out interesting stuff. Of
course they are not too stupid to make their own rating. But then they
don't need journal responsibles but Google. I think this sort of help
is what a journal is good for.



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