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[jox] Use cases for the journal

Hi all!

Today I started to think about on how whatever submission process can
be realized using the website. My original idea was to setup some
example pages so the things we are talking about can be viewed and may
be played with in a concrete way. But admittedly I need some time to
understand all the options of Plone to make good technical

After getting somewhat confused I decided to write down a few things
and while writing them down structure them. From my experience in the
software business it is always a good idea to look first at the
"business" side of things. The result of my considerations is a couple
of use cases I identified. Please see

At the moment the use cases reflect some more or less arbitrary state
in the recent discussion and they are probably not complete.

Please do not misunderstand this page as making a decision. It's just
an attempt to write down the complexity somewhere so I can transform
it to technology later. Regardless of what the result of this
discussion will be it will be somewhat complex so something like this
is needed in any case.

Please note that I used the term "responsibles" because as of now I do
not fully understand how the various roles currently proposed are

Please have a look. Comments are welcome. (I feel Mathieu wants to
keep things on this mailing lists instead of the Plone site so
comments are better send here.)



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