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Re: [jox] HOWTO_peer review [was: reviewing in practice]

Hi everyone,

I'm very exited that this is moving on (and slightly embarrassed about 
having contributed so little up to this point).

Before launching this thing and approaching people, we should do a little 
bit of 'design' of the webpage, so that it doesn't look like the out-of-
the-box install.

I agree that it should be something fairly minimal, but it should have the 
name/logo (rather than the plone logo) and perhaps other theme, or this one 
slightly edited (eg. not so much technical information in the footer).

Do we have any designers among us?


On Thursday May 6 2010, Mathieu ONeil wrote:
Hi all

I've updated the page which describes our peer review process:

Comments welcome. If no-one has any major objections I will start
formally approaching reviewers for research paper submissions.


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