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Re: [jox] Journal Update 28 September 2011

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ps. Sorry, forgot to say: @Matthijs: welcome aboard, please go ahead and post whenever you feel comfortable!

On 09/28/11, Mathieu ONeil  <mathieu.oneil> wrote:
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Journal Update 28 September 2011

*New SC member
I would like to sponsor Matthijs Den Besten to join the SC. I have subscribed him to this list and told him the minimum duties (two reviews a year) and expectations (debates, proposing special issues, debates etc). I also told him that he should post a short statement to this list explaining 
(a) how his research interests fit in with peer production and 
(b) how he envisages his contribution to the journal.
I will update the website to reflect these requirements for joining the SC (sponsor, duties, expectations, statement).

*Research action submission reviews
Thanks to reviewers for all the great work done so far. 
Since we have had some good late submissions quite a few reviews still need to be done, in a very short time-frame. 
REMINDER: Deadline for all reviews: 15 October.

*Book review section
Andreas Wittel has agreed to review the Christian Fuchs book.

*Invited contribution
Jakob Rygi submitted an article that had some very interesting points but was quite long and also probably better suited for a less specialised audience, so I suggested extracting some elements to produce a shorter paper for the invited section and Jakob has agreed to do this. He will submit the longer version elsewhere.

*Core list
As discussed, we could set up a core list for people interested in discussing journal-related issues more in depth. We could keep this list for general announcements like this one. Maybe StefanMn can help with setting this up?

Here are people I think would like to be on this new list, based on past list activity. Sorry if I forgot anyone: Nate, Johan, Matt, Athina (?), Biella (?), Mayo (?), Jakob, George D, Christian, StefanMz, StefanMn, Alessandro, Maurizio, Felix (?), Michel (?), Andreas (?), Toni, me. 

[The "?" are meant to indicate I am not sure what these people want whereas I am reasonably confident the others would be interested. We can put a formal call out once the list has been set up.]

-Index/contents page on the site
-Google Scholar

*Conflict on the list
Some very heated words were exchanged a while ago. I played a part in this. I apologise if I upset anyone. 

The following people have indicated they no longer wish to be involved: Alex, Amy, Simon, Graham. 
In addition David Berry unsubscribed himself from the list. If someone thinks it is necessary I can formally ask him about it. But IMHO since he was never involved in any discussion or activity I think we can safely interpret that gesture as meaning he is no longer in the project.

*Possible topics for future core list discussion
=>"What to do about very interesting reviews of submissions which the author decides not to publish in CSPP (for example because the review or ratings are too negative)? Authors may simply take the improved paper somewhere else and publish it, thereby preventing the work of our reviewers from being recognised."
=>"Should we publish yearly stats of reviewer activity?"

That all I can think of for now,


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Dr Mathieu O'Neil
Adjunct Research Fellow
Australian Demographic and Social Research Institute
College of Arts and Social Science
The Australian National University
email: mathieu.oneil[at]

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