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Re: [jox] A response to Michel and Jakob

Hi Hans-Geart,

Thanks for the reply. Anyway I will not be able to attend your workshop
in April. But, I am definetly interested in your open knowledge
community. I am generally interested in what is happening in Germany in
the realm of commons of knwledge. Perhaps need to learn German.
The mode of production which is inherently ecological is p2p. I have an
article on it , I will post it after it is polished. And I will polish
it within a month. Well, imaginitive and revolutionary thinkig has not
so much to do with Cockaigne. I think we can rarely find thinkers more
sober than Hegel and Marx. Perhaps, you , can learn something from them
about Dialectical imagination.
Take care

Hans-Gert Gräbe 03/23/12 9:51 AM >>> 
Hi Jakob, 

Am 22.03.2012 12:08, schrieb Jakob Rigi: 
Great. When and where is the workshop? In what language is it? Can I 
attend it if it is in english (I don't speak German). 
The workshop is on April, 27-29 and completely in German. The more its 
aim is quite different to the discussions here, since we aim at forming 
a german "MINT-speaking" community centered around LIFIS (as far as I see, they 
don't even have an information in english on the web) to get an impact 
on the corresponding discussions on a national level. 

But we have a strong group on open knowlegde in Leipzig so may be there are some overlaps in interest? 

I agree that these questions should be answered within capitalism too,

here and now. For example the fact that German government tries to 
replace many of current polluting sources of energy with solar energy
a good thing. 

Really? It works only because it is hardly subventioned, and the 
subventions are cutting down since the (national capitalist) government 
realized that they subvention not the national capital but Chinese solar

panel production (and the national trading capital found out that way of

getting "free lunch" very fast). Moreover they invest in solar panels 
(and in wind energy) but not in the energy net, so the latter was 
several times short before a crash. Unfortunately there is not only a 
money logic but also a technical one, that's getting more and more 

But we need to connect this fight for partial ecological reforms 
within capitalism to a universal fight which aims at abolishing 
capitalism and replacing it by a production system which is by nature 

Is this another story about Cockaigne? What is "a production system 
which is by nature ecological"? I have not even an idea, if "nature is 
by nature ecological". Could you explain your wordings in more detail? 



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