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[ox-en] Open Knowledge 1.0

Open Knowledge 1.0: London, Saturday 17th March 2007

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Event home page:
Event wiki page:


On Saturday the 17th March 2007 the first all-day Open Knowledge event
is taking place at Limehouse Town Hall in London. Bringing together
individuals and groups from across the open knowledge spectrum it will
include sessions on open media, free of copyright mapping, civic
information and open scientific data.


Saturday 17th March 2007, 1100-1830


Limehouse Town Hall, 646 Commercial Road, London, E14 7HA.

Longer Blurb: Atomisation and Commerical Opportunity
Discussions of 'Open Knowledge' often end with licensing wars: legal
arguments, technicalities, and ethics. While those debates rage on,
Open Knowledge 1.0. will concentrate on two pragmatic and
often-overlooked aspects of Open Knowledge: atomisation and commercial

Atomisation on a large scale (such as in the Debian 'apt' packaging
system) has allowed large software projects to employ an amazing
degree of decentralised, collaborative and incremental development.
But what other kinds of knowledge can be atomised? What are the
opportunities and problems of this approach for forms of knowledge
other than Software?

Atomisation also holds a key to commercial opportunity: unrestricted
access to an ever-changing, atomised landscape of knowledge creates
commercial opportunities that are not available with proprietary
approaches. What examples are there of commercial systems that
function with Open Knowledge, and how can those systems be shared?

Bringing together Open threads from Science, Geodata, Civic
Information and Media, Open Knowledge 1.0 is an opportunity for people
and projects to meet, talk and build things.

Each thread will have speakers to set the scene, with the rest of
theday divided between open space formats and workshop activities.

If you have a presentation or a workshop you would like to give in the
open space, or you would like to help organise Open Knowledge 1.0,
please get in touch.
Contact: projekt

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