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[ox-en] Administrative note: Moderation for list-en


I just accomplished to setup the moderation software (called clerk
BTW). Fortunately the code I wrote some years ago still ran quite well
:-) . I played around a bit with it in dry runs and think it should
work as expected.

*All* posts sent to this list are redirected to the new list


If you are interested in the unmoderated posts then you may consider
subscribing there. However, for now this is not suited well as a
discussion list because the `Reply-To:' header points to the workers
list. If it becomes necessary then we need to think about a better

The workers list is at


This is the list where the moderators may send their moderation
commands to. This is where they are received by the clerk and then
operated upon. The group of people allowed to moderate is the people
currently subscribed to [pox].

The posts which are approved for this list should look unchanged
including the `Date:' headers (well, the `To:' field is probably not
exactly the same). The clerk adds some additional headers which keep
track of the history of the post. They all start with `X-Clerk-'.

Please note that one of the unfortunate things of moderation is that
there is always at least a small delay in mails being sent originally
and popping up on the list. Because up-to-dateness is not too
important on this list this should not be a big issue. Please also
note that in the current setup mails from the people who may do
moderation are implicitly approved and thus need no further

Also I changed a few things on

to reflect the new setup. Both new lists will be archived as every
Oekonux list but I did not get around to set this up now.

I'll send a detailed description of how to help moderation to [pox] as
soon as I find some additional time for this but not later than

Again I'd like to stress that this is clearly a temporary measure. The
sooner the list comes back to on-topic-ness and a friendly atmosphere
the sooner this measure will be reversed and the list will operate
unmoderated again.

						Mit Freien Grüßen


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