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[ox-en] Re: [hipatia] WIZARDS OF OS 3 - The Future of the Digital Commons

WIZARDS OF OS 3 - The Future of the Digital Commons

International Conference
June 10-12, 2004
Berlin Congress Center

Digital networks are the fertile soil on which
commons-goods like free
software grow. Since a few years, groups all over
the world enabled by new
wireless technologies are beginning to turn the
network itself into a
commons: it grows collaboratively, and in free
agreement among equals. New
technologies remove the bottleneck of distribution
of cultural goods. Free
access to networks and to information comes within
reach of all.

The conference "Wizards of Operating Systems 3" (WOS
3) has its
foundations in the grand liberation movements in the
realm of knowledge:
free software, free networks, and open archives are
among the topics of
this year's conference. The WOS is not about
problems but about solutions.

Wikipedia is such a success story. The freely
accessible and editable by
all online encyclopaedia, thanks to the co-operation
of hundreds of
thousands all over the world has in only four years
brought forth half a
million articles. It is therefore not only the
largest encyclopaedia of
all, also in quality it measures up to the
commercial competition.

The movement for free access to scientific
publications brings back a
fundamental principle of science: collaborative
scrutiny of and building
upon a common wealth of knowledge.

Just like free software, free content needs a
license that expresses and
protects this freedom. We are therefore very happy
that the Creative
Commons will launch the German versions of their
licenses at WOS 3.

"The principle of Western science, the principle of
free software, and the
principle of non-exclusion are the path of
development for the
twenty-first century," writes New York law professor
Eben Moglen, who will
be giving the opening keynote at WOS 3. Other
speakers at WOS 3 include
Lawrence Lessig, law professor at Stanford
University and founder of the
Creative Commons project, Jimmy Wales, founder of
the free online
encyclopaedia Wikipedia, and Armin Medosch, author
of a book on free WLAN

While WOS 1 (1999) focussed on free software, WOS 2
(2001) asked how this
success model can be applied to other forms of
knowledge. WOS 3 picks
these threats up and goes beyond them, providing a
forum for a powerful
movement for the establishment and protection of a
digital knowledge
commons. Free software was only the beginning of the
path to a wealth of
knowledge for all.

WOS 3 is funded by the Federal Culture Foundation,

More information at:

Netzwerk Neue Medien e.V.

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