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[ox-en] synergy with other events?

Hi! I've signed up for this list and look forward to the Oekonux conference. I share a letter that I wrote to several other groups, in particular,

I appreciate thoughts on how we might take the opportunity of the Oekonux conference to "get things done". I've set up a system WOW for "working openly" and would like to apply that to helping us connect at Oekonux!
Peace, Andrius

I'm preparing for the Oekonux conference  May 20-23
we will come to Vienna, Austria with a carload of Lithuanians. I'm preparing for my workshop on "infrastructure for virtual flash mobs".

I'd like to do some of that in practice by simply encouraging connection with two other events in the same spirit. One is BeTheChange.Org.UK that will take place May 19-21 in London, so perhaps there can be some online flow of ideas between our two events.

Already, I want to thank BeTheChange organizers Colin Morley, Christopher Cooke and Nick Hart-Williams for arranging free entry for Josef Davies-Coates to http://www.BeTheChange.Org.UK And I look forward to our events carrying momentum over to WTF2 also in London.

How can we get the word out? I'm CC'ing London artist Natalie d'Arbeloff perhaps she can help.

Also, perhaps some of our bloggers at Ecademy could offer some thoughts and links in support. Lets find steps that we can take as we work-in-parallel at these events.

I've set up WOW and I look forward to using that to flesh out and merge our activity to "work openly" at these events and elsewhere. In particular, I'll be creating a questionnaire which I hope we might translate into German, Arabic and other languages. It will include questions about contact info, web presence, interests, capabilities, availability for work, etc. that might help us work openly. I want to do this at Oekonux, and afterwards apply this for ERDE and for One Village, and present this all back in Lithuania at a WorldBank showcase where we're participating.

Life is quite hectic for all of our organizers. Thank you to us all for working-in-parallel!


Andrius Kulikauskas

Colin Morley wrote:

Christopher and Nick This seems like a very good offer.
Sounds like Josef can provide us with some valuable help in the online
organisation of Be the Change.  And some good further links.
Nick can you arrange the free entry for Josef?
And Christopher can you contact Josef to talk about IT?

Best wishes
Colin Morley

One free ticket on it's way.

Thanks everyone.


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From: Andrius Kulikauskas [ms] Sent: 06 May 2004 14:28
To: Colin Morley
Cc: nick; minciu_sodas_EN;
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Subject: Re: BeTheChange.Org.UK May 19-21 London

Hi Colin,

Thank you for your letter about !
I've linked to your event Be The Change from our WOW (Working Openly WOW) system:

I'm interested, How might our Open People network (and participants at Minciu Sodas, Espians, United Diversity...) help you develop online activity before, during and after Be The Change?

Specifically, we might help you get the word out. We could also advise you how to structure your online activity for best synergy with our many initiatives (specifically, how to keep it, as much as possible, within the Public Domain). We could also help weave your activity into that of other events throughout the year, starting with WTF 2 on May 29th in London which might serve as a follow up for those you energize. We might also, during your event, have some back and forth activity with the Oekonux conference in Vienna, Austria where I'll be. The Espians might facilitate this through their chat and wiki in the Public Domain. We're also interested to work closer with Ecademy.

If you might be interested, then I suggest that we have Josef Davies-Coates of United Diversity and Espians serve as our leader for our work together. Could you provide him, please, with a free pass to Be The Change?

In preparation for your big event next year, we hope to find ways that we might leverage the resources of our Open People network to build momentum for constructive action. There is a lot that we might do, for free and/or for pay, to organize online locations and mobilize us all to work together.

I share some of our letters with our lab and our colleagues in the United Kingdom and

Thank you to Ed Daniel and Chric Macrae for connecting us.


Andrius Kulikauskas
Minciu Sodas
Vilnius, Lithuania

Organization: projekt

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