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[ox-en] Questionnaire for working openly

I've started to make a questionnaire for people who would like to "work openly". It will also ask for URLs on the Internet where the people keep such information so that it could be found. This will be a key part of my workshop for Oekonux. Here's a basic list, I'll be expanding it. I appreciate help, what we should collect. Thank you, Andrius Kulikauskas,


Permission to post openly


Contact info: Where to find the latest contact info?
Email, InstantMessaging

Travel plans

Web presence

endeavors, activities, projects
personal challenges, self-improvements, arts
social challenges, social solutions, technologies
life concepts, investigative questions, sciences

Skills and capabilities
What can consult regarding?
Programming languages
Natural languages


Preferred Charity (in resolving money issues)

Help desired for projects

Rules accepted

Services offered
Services desired

links to associations

Public Domain Zones

Organization: projekt

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