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[ox-en] (Fwd) [Fsfe-ie] Irish proposal on software patents passed

Most unfortunate :(

I guess we'll be having fun lobbying the MEP's again to vote no


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Hi John,

News just in is that the Irish proposal on software patents was
passed, this is a dark day for innovation in the European Software
industry, not to mention for democracy in the EU.

This is an (apparently successful) attempt by the pro-patent lobby to
torpedo the whole directive on software patents, since they are well
aware that the European Parliament is extremely unlikely to vote for
this version when it is returned to them (because it removes all of
their amendments and safeguards).

Their strategy seems to be that having effectively killed this
directive, they will now pursue the introduction of software patents
through less transparent means, doing everything they can to minimise
democratic scrutiny of their actions.

In short, a small cabal of unelected beaurocrats are seeking to
rewrite European law to increase their own powers and appease their
friends in industry.  They are doing so against the express wishes of
the EU's democratically elected representatives in the European
Parliament.  To achieve this goal they are using every trick in the
book to minimise or evade democratic scrutiny and accountability.

Kind regards,


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