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"Oekonux" - what does that mean?

The project

Fourth Oekonux conferenceRemote link: 27.-29.3.2009, Manchester (UK)

"Free Software" - what does that mean?

Characteristics of Free Software

Free in the sense of freedom

Keyword: Free Software Licences

Fundamental facility to embed Free Software in the law system

Mode of production of Free Software

Often a high quality results

Keyword: Selbstentfaltung

In general Selbstentfaltung is a desirable goal

Simply and Doubly Free Software

Special mode of production only for Doubly Free Software

Free Software and commercial influences

Free Software can develop only without money

Perspectives of Free Software

Linux World Domination ;-)

Special features of Free Software

Free Software is not a simple hobby

Hobby, but in a new quality

Free Software is not a commodity

Free software is as worthless as the air to breathe

Free Software is not a gift

Calling Free Software a gift is wrong

Keyword: Scarcity

Scarcity is not a law of nature

Keyword: Rivalness

Free Software is an anti-rival good

Keyword: Excludability

GPL society: Extending principles of Free Software to rival goods while dropping exclusion

Cooperation in Free Projects

Cooperation is voluntary, variable and unequal

Keyword: Maintainer model

Balances conflicts in Free Projects in an optimal way

Free Software = Selbstentfaltung + digital copy

Possibility of digital copy is a new quality

Keyword: Internet

As a tool the Internet offers a lot new features

Free in the sense of Free Software

Defines several positive feedback cycles

Keyword: Germ form

Free Software has characteristics of a germ form

Keyword: Five-step

Free Software is in third step

Criticism: Germ form thesis

Everyone may make up his/her mind

Germ forms and other models and ideas

Dam building vs. ship building

Free Software is ship building

The way to the GPL society

The utopia

The freedom of the single becomes the precondition of the freedom of all

Free information goods

The idea of Free information goods gets more and more friends

Keyword: Creative Commons

Creative Commons further the transfer of the idea of Free Software

Free material goods

Information society creates a fundamentally new situation

Keyword: Fabber / Rapid Prototyping

Fabbers transfer important aspects of the digital world to matter

Other successful Free Projects: Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a very interesting Free Project

Other successful Free Projects: Open Access

Open Access is a very interesting Free Project

Keyword: Automation

Much more will be automated

Keyword: Need

Other societies - other needs

Criticism: GPL society

Partially this can be decided only historically


The utopian toilet

Possible actions