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Re: [jox] Mission statement (was: Request for comments)

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On Thu, Jul 16, 2009 at 10:45 AM, Mathieu O'Neil

Hi StefanMn and all-

I'm starting a new thread to not overlap with the discussion about process
I snipped some bits which were unproblematic.


* Suggested title:
Critical Studies in Peer Production

I did hear no voice against this title so it seems to me like this is

M: OK, good.

* Suggested definitions / mission statement:

A mission statement is a very good idea. It is something everyone can
refer to and it should be a guiding light.

Typical mission statements are short - say 3-6 lines. I think that's
good. I'll give it a try:

 This semi-scientific journal is dedicated to study peer production.
 By peer production we understand economic activities which include,
 production, openness and {are primarily done by volunteers /
 external structural forces are absent / non-alienation} such as Free
 Software or Wikipedia. Following the principles of peer production
 ourselves we are interested in every field where peer production
 plays a role. For this we welcome contributions from classical
 science as well as from activists of all kinds to foster the deeper
 understanding of this phenomenon and the political implications it
 might have.

I propose:

This pluralistic and transdisciplinary research journal is dedicated to the
critical study of peer production, i.e. the social and economic production
of value through self-aggregating communities in every field of human
endeavour, with special interest for its inter-relation with markets and
state forms.

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