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Re: [jox] New Draft CFP

Hi Mathieu and all:

As many western Europeans I was on holidays during part of the (northern) summer and have not been able to follow all the discussions around the journal project. I read the whole thread only recently and was impressed by the quality of the work done and Mathieu's commitment. On the whole I agree with the decisions which have been taken till now. Nevertheless here are some remarks on the “mission statement” and the “topics of interest”.

About the mission statement: I fully understood Christians' proposition (17jul) to add “commons-based” or “commons-oriented” in the definition of peer production. The meaning of both is not identical. Mathieu opted for “commons-based”, as in Benkler's definition in Wikipedia. But I think it would be useful to be more specific and integrate both ideas by writing: “commons-based **and** commons-oriented production”. That might seem redundant, but “based” may mean that only the input is “common”. “Commons-oriented” makes more explicit that the output is also “common”.

About the list of “topics of interest”: I propose to add “peer production as an alternative to capitalism”. That was the formulation used by Mathieu in one of his first mails about the mission statement (10jul). The Stefan Merten's suggestion (5aug): “peer production in/vs/and capitalism” seems to express the same need. The idea contained in “alternative” may be considered included in the topic: “expansion of peer production” proposed by Mathieu. But it might not. That could only mean expansion **within** the capitalist framework. (which, btw - I agree with all the interventions in that sense - is also an important topic to deal with). The idea that peer production is a germ of a society *beyond* capitalism is after all one of the most specific of Oekonux.


Hi all

Following is a new iteration of the mission statement / CFP.


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