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Re: [jox] New Draft CFP

Hi Mathieu and all!

I agree with everything I don't comment :-) .

Last week (11 days ago) Mathieu O'Neil wrote:
b) Regarding topics of interest:
- "Critical theory" - yes in the sense of Marx (but also Horkheimer, Marcuse etc.)

Yes, yes, yes :-) ! In particular I'd love to see the work of Marcuse
to be connected to peer production!

BTW: I think this clear statement clarifies many concerns about the
direction of the journal :-) .

- peer production and expertise: I mean the different relationships to specialised knowledge in peer projects (Wikipedia vs. Free Software for example) and the relationship to traditional holders of learned authority (academia, media, government experts etc)

I understood expertise as a special ability not everyone has. In fact
it is quite interesting that in contemporary examples of peer
production special abilities are often needed - i.e. expertise. If I
get your right then your point is more some sort of title? That is
indeed rather uncommon to be very useful in peer production. May be we
could be more precise here but may be it is only my lack of English
showing through here.

- Maybe "future of peer production" and "expansion of peer production" overlap a bit? Could we keep one - say the latter? 

Fine with me.

- In addition: I took out "forms and function" as this was already in the mission statement in the first para. And I added feminism and growth.

Feminism and growth are both particular capitalist topics - though the
value sets attached may be more general. Again I suggest to be more
general here. Something like "peer production and capitalist moral" or
so. On the other hand I think feminism is covered already by "peer
production and social movements".

e) Regarding the "publisher"

I just wanted to acknowledge the fact that the journal is connected to / emerging from [ox]. At a minimum the journal is hosted on the [ox] servers and maintained by [ox]. And I think it is very proper that such a journal should be hosted by a non-profit organization. So I suggest that we just use that word, hosted.

"Hosted" is indeed great :-) .

That's all I can think of. Please find the revised CFP below. When we have finalised the following I would like to send this out (though the list archive bug would need to be resolved as well). Would it be appropriate to have a deadline? 

AFAICS the discussion is still fruitful. Insofar I'd not stop it now
but wait until no comments are coming any more. For *this* a deadline
may be useful, however.

[CSPP uses an electronic system for submissions... Maybe leave this out for now?]

Yes. We need to check this out technically before filling in.
Nonetheless we need to create some option to submit things.

Scientific Committee [Editorial Board?]:

I'd prefer "editorial board" - in particular because some or even most
members of the editorial board do not really have academic merits in
this particular field.



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