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RE: Example journal sites (was: Re: [jox] Draft CFP)


I will try to reply not in caps this time.. hopefully this will work OK.


This caught my eye: "Please note that also all published articles can
be commented by readers." I think this is a nice policy and should be
part of our Call, too.

-> Um why not - you don?t want a lot of spam, nonsense or empty pages though
- I would prefer one bulletin board for all papers and readers so that
comments (if there any) are not too dispersed.

In general this is a very good page from which I think we can get very
good ideas. In particular the `Open Access policy`_ needs to be

.. _Open Access policy:

->Yes, we need to be clear about that.

Also the process is nicely depicted_.

.. _depicted:

They also have an ISSN number ("ISSN: 1726-670X" - in the footer of
pages). Would this be interesting for us?

-> I don?t know. Maybe. Does anyone else have any thoughs?

They have both blind and open review and a few other interesting ideas
(such as systematically getting authors to copy edit and format articles
once they have been accepted).

Also looks like a blueprint for us.

->Yes, they have some good features.




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