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Example journal sites (was: Re: [jox] Draft CFP)

Hi Mathieu and all!

[It is always a bit difficult for me to check online resources because
I do most of my Oekonux work offline (in the train).]

BTW: I think I remember Christian Fuchs. He once showed up in Oekonux
many, many years ago. The family is small ;-) .

Last week (13 days ago) Mathieu O'Neil wrote:
I just saw an announce for a piece in an open access journal edited by Christian Fuchs, "3C" (I had seen this journal before but had forgotten about it). It has a different focus than our project but there are similarities too. At this stage I am mostly focussing on their production process:

Thanks for this!

This caught my eye: "Please note that also all published articles can
be commented by readers." I think this is a nice policy and should be
part of our Call, too.

In general this is a very good page from which I think we can get very
good ideas. In particular the `Open Access policy`_ needs to be

.. _Open Access policy:

Also the process is nicely depicted_.

.. _depicted:

They also have an ISSN number ("ISSN: 1726-670X" - in the footer of
pages). Would this be interesting for us?

They have both blind and open review and a few other interesting ideas (such as systematically getting authors to copy edit and format articles once they have been accepted).

Also looks like a blueprint for us.



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