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Plone page (was: Re: Re : Re: [jox] Draft letter / Final CFP)

Hi Mathieu and all!

5 days ago Mathieu O'Neil wrote:
I edited your version *very* slightly to make it reStructuredText.
Basically I underlined the headers and added a few empty lines. 
Also I
added a table of contents and a few links. The result should be
visible at

Looking good!


I have a couple of suggestions. I think at this stage as we only have one page of content the title of this page should be the full name of the journal instead of "Call for submissions". 

Done. To do this I actually renamed the page. I kept the URL, however.

I like the way you set up sub-categories (Submissions guidelines, Peer review process).

The headers are actually by you :-) . I just added a table of

I think there should also be a sub-category for the first two paras. I suggest "Mission statement", other suggestions welcome.


I also saw that the links all have a little globe next to them which is kind of distracting. Is there any way to remove that?

The globe is actually a feature. It says that these links point to
something outside the Plone instance. I now tried to switch them off
for non-logged-in users in the "Themes" configuration but I'm not 100%
sure whether this worked.

As for other suggestions and modifications about the text (apart from the roles of the participants, see below) I propose to hold off until we have a lot to modify at once -

Well, this is a content management system. It is fully fine to change
as often as needed. In this version of Plone you can also revert pages
to an earlier version. So it is a bit hard to really destroy things
;-) .

btw, are you the only one who can intervene on the page?

As discussed on [pox] I think it makes sense if every [pox] member
gets an account. For now I just created an account for you and gave
you full access rights. You should have received a respective e-mail
asking you to complete the registration.

I kept the page in reStructuredText format because IMHO it is very
useful this way. As I said I only made some minor modifications so I
think you will get the idea immediately. You may also want to refer to

which gives a very useful introduction to this simple but powerful
ASCII based format.

Though the website decision I talked of recently has not been 
made yet
I think it will be possible to keep the link stable. I.e.: You may
announce it already if you like.

Concerning the announcement see below. Concerning the url : will there be more pages eventually or will all the information be gathered on one page as it is now? 

You can have as many pages as you like of course. For instance a page
describing the roles would be a great thing.

I created another account for you in the sandbox Plone instance at

You should receive an e-mail with account information including the
password. On this site you can play around as long as you like.

You may also want to check

for an introduction or

for more documentation.



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