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Reviewers (was: Re : Re: Re : Re: [jox] Draft letter / Final CFP)

Hi Mathieu and all!

5 days ago Mathieu O'Neil wrote:
There are two considerations here: 

a) I think that we need to build up a "critical mass" of reviewers so that when someone logs on to the webpage they will see that this is a solid project when it comes to the peer review pool - so we do need some firm commitments;

See my last post about fixed and non-fixed reviewers. But I agree with
you that a fixed list of reviewers creates a better impression.

b) I feel - maybe I'm wrong - that it could be a problem to discuss potential reviewers openly on this list if they have not been approached yet because they could conceivably become aware of this discussion and this could create awkwardness later (we already talked about this a few months ago). Well, maybe I'm being too sensitive!.. Still and all could you please email me privately and I will contact the people (once everyone is happy with the CFP). 

Plone gives us many options. For instance it is very simple to create
pages which are visible only to a fixed user group. So what we could
do is

* Create a Plone account for all people here on this list

* Create a Plone user group consisting of these accounts

* Create a page only this user group has access to listing potential

The discussion can take place here on this list using only first names
or initials or something similar not revealing the full name of the

I'm happy to do the admin stuff. Just give me a trigger.



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