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[jox] Re: Roles and scores

Hi all!

2 hours ago Stefan Merten wrote:
This depends on the question how "[PHONE NUMBER REMOVED]" comes about... May be we should
not advertise absolute numbers until we have a way to calculate
numbers at all.

Well, the way I understand it each of the categories (logic, originality etc) would be "graded" -1 to +5 and the average of this results in a score.

But how is the average computed? Just an arithmetic average where +1
for logic +1 for originality +5 for language result in a score of
+3.5? Hardly IMHO. What we would need are weights for the values. For

W[logic]        = 1.5
W[originality]  = 2.0
W[language]     = 0.5

This would result in

logic:           +1.5 = +1 * 1.5
originality:     +2.0 = +1 * 2.0
language:        +2.5 = +5 * 0.5
                 ----        ---
Score:           +6.0   /    4.0 = +1.5

A score of 1.5 would be much closer to what a reader expects - don't
you think?

A further development could give logged-in users a chance to have
their own set of weights for the categories.

BTW: I just stumbled over the Plone product Critic_. At the minimum
this could be basis for a solution for us.

.. _Critic:



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