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Re: [jox] Consensus? 02 (ratings)

Hi Mathieu!

4 days ago Mathieu O'Neil wrote:
<br _moz_dirty="" />

That is really a dirty mail...

Re ratings, I don't think anyone has suggested a response to the
following criticism:

I did a few hours ago.

publishing differently-expert rated papers /
submissions may cause some prejudice to,

A *prejudice* is a unsubstantiated judgement. I hope that judgements
of the reviewers are always substantiated and thus not prejudices but
substantiated judgements.

or hurt the feelings of, the people
who were given inferior ratings.

Those people can easily retract their article. The procedure would be
that after the rating but before publication the author is asked
whether s/he would still like to publish with this rating.

This is the same system as Slashdot
and other blogs where people rate the comments and the posts of
contributors. It seems a bit more brutal if reviewers publicly name
certain papers in the journal as inferior to others.

No. It's exactly what a filter like a journal is good for.

So maybe we could have expert ratings but they would not be made public: we would publish more
papers, presumably, than if we published only highly excellent papers. We may
lose some &quot;credibility points&quot; (but we don't really have any at this

In this case I'm strongly for reducing the number of papers published.
IMHO only excellent papers may enter the journal then.

But we won't be publicly discriminating between published
papers. Not sure how useful they would be then.<br _moz_dirty="" />

IMHO any review results need to be made public to give the readers a
clue what is worth reading.

It's either that, or do away with expert ratings altogether, and go back to publish / don't publish. At any rate those are the two alternatives I can think of...<br _moz_dirty="" />

Somehow you forgot to mention the multi-dimensional rating system we
discussed before.

Again I propose this multi-dimensional rating system because AFAICS it
solves all problems.

In general I think this topic needs more discussion. There are some
ideas which are not even considered yet and I feel new ideas are
coming up.



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