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Tools (was: Re: [jox] Cutting the Knot)

Hi Toni!

Last week (9 days ago) Toni Prug wrote:
StefanMn then proposed a choice where authors submitting a proposal could
indicate whether they want a binary model (publish or reject) or a
multi-dimensional rating system:

I like this proposal. I see it as a desirable increases in flexibility
on the side of journal, which authors, i believe, will appreciate.

Sorry, didn't see this comment.

You are giving good points indeed which speak for this option. In any
case I can live well with both solutions.

I would therefore recommend using Plone (and not just any other web
tool), and not an email list, with one important note: to increases
the chances of Plone academic users being satisfied with it as a
helpful platform, we must keep things simple to start with i.e we must
not alienate early users with complex workflows and procedures.

I never thought of creating a general tool but it is a *really good
idea* to try this. You are making lots of good points here.

Here is my background: I'm certainly a technical skilled person but
I'm also quite new to Plone and learned that it is a great tool but
it's also huge. Ah - I'm maintaining the Oekonux Plone sites which
CSPP is one of.

When we're done with the projects i'm currently working on, we will
share workflows and all the information on our Plone setup, use, and
comments we got from academic communities we're working within. So
far, journals and communities expressed the wish to do this
development process in private, until they reach the decision on
whether to use the new models we are presenting - this should be
within the next month or two.

Well, I really don't have the time... ...but if you have a mailing
list or so I'd be willing to subscribe.

In any case the CSPP Plone site so far is not much more than an empty
shell. It can be filled with everything needed.

Finally, Juan Grigera (who is working with me on this) and  i decided
the create a project out of this, we named it Journal Commons. We will
launch it once the proposals we're working on are decided on. We aim
to support journals to implement new processes of cooperation, using
advanced web tools and organizational techniques. Given the number of
technically skilled people here, and the use of Plone, we have a basis
for a potential close cooperation on the Journal Commons as a separate

You are welcome. See

for a couple of use cases I saw last December. May be this is useful
for you.



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