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Re: [jox] Hull Meeting

hallo Mathieu, hallo everyone,

No doubt it was very nice to meet you all again in hull; look forward to the next time.

As for experimenting with the peer-review process: as Mathieu wrote to the list, at the virt3c meeting Athina K. suggested (and all present agreed) to experiment with a few texts in order to identify any problems that may lie dormant in the overall direction toward which we seem to be steering the peer-review process (read 'signals') and see how these problems can be resolved. For that purpose, I offered to send the list a number of texts which were intended for publication in an online journal which i helped edit, but which were never published on that website. As a result, these texts have been in my archive for about five years. Also, I don't know whether they have been published elsewhere, online or offline, since then. What I am saying - since not everyone on the list was at the virt3c meeting - is that I do not have the permission of the authors to post their texts on a public mailing list (like this one) with the purpose to try out and fine-tune
 the peer-review process. This will have to be done on a non-publicly archived list where we can discuss the texts and the review process without causing any unintended embarrassment to the authors. Can we have a list for this? 



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