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Uploading binary files and layout (was: [jox] The Work Ahead)

Hi Mathieu and all!

2 days ago Mathieu ONeil wrote:
A few random thoughts about layout issues: I think we need to reflect on what is going to be featured in the journal now as that will influence the layout. Since it will be a while before we have fully-formed long papers the content for now will mostly be made of short or medium-size texts and groupings of texts. So far the only content I have seen has been quite political / activist, so that might set the tone, influence the look and feel as well...? 

Well, I'm not really good in stylish stuff. My concern is
functionality. From this point of view I think what we ultimately need
is a facility to find, select and present texts.

 @ StefanMn: can we post files (odt, pdf) to the plone site or do we have to paste into the text box?

Binary files are also possible. Just use "Add new..." => "File" and
upload the file. I don't know whether binary files are found in
keyword searches so at least an abstract is necessary.

Regarding who will do the layout, that's an excellent question, and if there is no obvious candidate (I take the question as meaning that you would rather it was not you, sorry if I misunderstand) then that def. militates in favour of a more minimalist approach... 

As I said: I'm not good in stylish things - and actually don't care
much about style. So someone else who is more interested / capable
needs to make a contribution here - any volunteers? I'm of course
ready to help with the technical side of things though.



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