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Re: [jox] Amsterdam Wiki conference / New SC member

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Dear Mathieu and Mayo,

A few requests for the p2p blog,

any text on your presentations, for publication on the blog, would be really

any conference report/review as well,

Mathieu, in particular, could you give a overview of where the journal
project critical studies is at?

Any updates on your research since cyberchiefs would also be really


On Mon, Mar 29, 2010 at 2:41 PM, Mathieu ONeil <mathieu.oneil>wrote:

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Hi all

Just a quick note about Geert Lovink's "critical POV" conference about
Wikipedia which took place on Friday and Saturday. Athina presented a talk
and so did I, StefanMn came and (briefly) Michel Bauwens. On Saturday
evening I was a bit boring and declined George D's invitation to go to
Leiden to a squatter festival (sorry George!), where peer production is
probably more embodied. Instead I went walking around some of the magical
canals of Amsterdam with some other conference people.

I told Geert we were interested in finding out what they hoped to achieve
through these conferences: maybe there could be a "conference account"
section in the journal, I will post a message to their conference list
(cpov). There were many interesting people present, including people from
India, so it was quite stimulating. Some contacts were established, I will
post more if there are any concrete outcomes.

For me a highlight was listening to Mayo Fuster Morell's presentation on
the role of the Wikimedia foundation in WP governance as she is working
along parallel lines to my interest in "organisation without domination". I
would really like to publish some of her work. Mayo has also been heavily
involved in the global justice movement and is very well connected to lots
of interesting networks so she seemed like a very good fit for our SC; in a
rare occurence of on-the-spot maintainer authority I invited her to become a
member and she agreed to join.
So we welcome a new SC member (see



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