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Accounts and passwords (was: Re: [jox] [Notification from Critical Studies in Peer Production] New item: "Long: Theory")

Hi Athina and all!

@all: Since seemingly not all used the initial mail after account
creation [#]_ this applies to more or you.

.. [#] @Mathieu: You can see who logged in at least once when you go
   to Every account
   gets an own home directory in the moment the account is used first.

Yesterday Athina Karatzogianni wrote:
hi guys can someone create a login for me on the athina.k email
please and email me the particulars?

Seemingly you didn't find the mail from plone at oekonux dot org :-( .

The account is there and with the correct email address. Your account
name is `akaratzogianni` (without the quotes).

There is a general facility in Plone to reset passwords. That is what
you need to help yourself. Surf to

On the left you will find a login box with a link "Forgot your
password?". Follow the link and request a new password for your
account. Then a mail is sent to you and you have to follow the
instructions in this mail. All you need is your account name. The
account names generally consist of the first letter of your first name
and your family name (all lower case, no intervening characters like
hyphens, dots or spaces).



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