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[jox] Hott off the Editor's Desk

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Hi all

After a period of regrouping and latency, get ready for a burst of activity. I will shortly post a proposal for the journal site architecture, hope yall like it.

But first, some informations. 

Someone we met in Hull and Amsterdam is Nate Tkacz, who was one of the organisers of the CPOV conference. As a result a dialogue started between Johan Soderbergh and Nate on the politics of that strand of research known as Actor-Network Theory (ANT). I am pleased to report that this dialogue has solidified into two excellent short pieces. I am thinking of writing a follow-up. These will soon be posted to the site for comment. They will be for our "opinion" section so no need to formally peer review them. Nate expressed an interest in joining us and after considering the enthusiasm he put into this exchange I invited him to join our SC. So, welcome to our newest member!

I ran into another CPOV organizer, Johanna Niesyto yesterday at a conference in Paris and she reminded me of our invitation to them to write a conference report. We decided the best way to do this would be to determine a series of set questions (what did you try to achieve, best moment, etc) that could then be asked to any other conference organizer for our "report" section (1000 words max).
I just invited her to join the list, hopefully she will be interested, otherwise we will discuss here and I will tell her.

Re. research papers I still have to formally ask reviewers. This is top of my list. Sorry for delay.

Re. style for the journal I am leaning towards a more minimal approach. In part this is due to seeing one too many super-slick powerpoint presentations. Ultimately I find all the super-slick animations distracting. We need it to be clean and striking. For the homepage I'm thinking all white background with black and one extra colour text only. Small font. For article space something like First Monday would be fine. Ultimately the content is what will make this worth coming back to.

Thats all for now,


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