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[jox] Chaos or transparency?

Hi project!

From all I saw so far from Mathieu he really prefers chaos. Or do you
have an up-to-date overview over all the submissions and their state?

What we actually have is a mail by Mathieu once in a while where he
says what he currently thinks the state of things is. And it feels to
me that he changes his mind every week.

Well, I learned that transparency is not only necessary for democracy
but even more so for peer production projects (like I thought this one
should be an instance of). Therefore at least to me it is absolutely
crucial to change the situation.

I tried to built the web site so it allows for maximum transparency on
the one hand and fine-grained management of publicity of texts on the
other hand. It is designed to have a comprehensible structure and to
be easy to maintain - if you want it. From a technical point of view
it is easy to have all this - if you want it.

Well, things reached a point where I need to make a personal decision.
If the rest of the project agrees with this rule of chaos then it is
fine with me. However, I'll stop putting energy in this project.

If you would prefer transparency, however, I'll try to continue to
persuade Mathieu of solutions which build transparency as easy as a
finger snip.

Comments are wholeheartedly appreciated.



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