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[jox] RFC: Article refs

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Hi all

I started putting content in the Debate section a couple days ago. I'm still waiting for Johan to give me the go-ahead to put all the papers, apparently he has some last-minute changes... ( Johan: ?)
In any case it got me thinking the formatting of refs has never been formally agreed on.
To separate the different streams ('research' which is peer reviewed, 'debate' and 'reports' which are not) and considering that we are aiming to have two releases a year I thought something along the lines of:
RS:1.1 or rs:1.1 for research articles where the first one is the issue number and the second the article number.
Debate would be DB:1.1 or db1.1 (db is a bit like decibels so maybe caps is better) reports would be RP, etc.
Then it appears in the side-column. As I am still very much finding my way around Plone I dont know why the side column is shrinking like that - will maybe raise this on the tech list.
Anyway just thought I'd see whether this plan was seen as a good idea... Check it,

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