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[jox] Site update

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Hi everyone

I thought it was time to tidy up the protected part of the site a bit so below is a copy of the report I just posted on the Editor's log.



Editor's Log, May 14 2011

Tidied up the "Latest submission" folder:

1. Grouped all early submissions under "Miscellaneous submissions"
=> deleted and reposted all articles to new folder [could not find a way to simply move articles :-(]
=> posted reviews to Merten and Meretz submission

2. Created a new folder for "Inaugural issue: Subactivism" 
=> posted all initial submissions of research articles by Andersson and O'Neil as well as reviews
=> posted conference reviews (CSPP pending)

3. Renamed "Short article" folders "Debate" folders

4. Created folders for Special Issues:
=> Hardware/Wetware
=> Organisation
=> Free Software
=> Filesharing/Free culture

5. Recreated the Editor's log file and reposted initial post; adopted a chronological approach to document logs

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