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Re: [jox] Special issues

hi everybody!
it is a pleasure to be on board.

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Hi all

I will be posting some practical questions about the upcoming release in the next few days:

-peer review process,
-PDF format,
-schedules of CFPs,
-submission process, etc

In the meantime me and Jonas are desperately trying to finish the nth revision of our research papers.

A quick heads up of where we are at with the special issues. I am pleased to report that Johan and Maurizio have teamed up with other researchers to work: Alessandro Delfanti (University of Milan, who is now on this list and has agreed to join our SC, welcome aboard!) and Vincenzo D'Andrea (University of Trento, still waiting to hear if he wants to join us?).

At this stage the special issues break down like this:

=> Hardware/Wetware (Johan and Alessandro, who have posted a draft CFP)

=> Organisation (Mayo and Mathieu)

=> Free Software (Maurizio and Vincenzo)

=> Filesharing/Free culture (TBC - Simon?)



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Alessandro Delfanti
ICS, Innovations in the Communication of Science
Sissa, Trieste, Italy

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