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Re: [jox] Licence for articles

I agree. Classic copyleft is the best. I personally don't really like CC 
that much as a brand, but it's the standards and there is nothing to object 
against the substance of BY-NC-SA.


On Thursday June 2 2011, Alessandro Delfanti wrote:
BY-NC-SA is the best one if we want people to be able to publish  
remixed versions

The whole lot of the CC licenses are at the bottom:

I am not so worried that others will make a buck from our pieces, at
all, frankly :-) but you never know. There are some interesting choices
to be made about derivatives and such. In this case I am a fan of the
least restrictive ones.

All best,

On 06/02/2011 06:02 AM, Mathieu ONeil wrote:
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Hi everyone

I am finalising the layout of the pdf versions of the articles and   
was wondering if there were any thoughts as to what the best   
[anti]copyright licence would be? Do we need one at all? I would   
say yes to stop anyone commercialising the papers (unlikely, but   
you never know). So what is the most useful - CC? I don't know much  
 about this so any advice most welcome.


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