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Re: [jox] Licence for articles

On 02/06/11 19:00, Toni Prug wrote:
I dislike CC for way too many reasons to go in here.
No votes for it from me.

This (below) is not very different from NC plus a waiver clause, except
that it has been set in stone precisely what kind of commercial activity
is OK and as such it would still require an added subclause to make sure
not to exclude projects that do not satisfy Copyfarleft's prescription,
but resonate with CSPP. In that sense, it is not more elegant.


I propose we use

Key points of this Copyfarleft license are:

c. You may exercise the rights granted in Section 3 for commercial
purposes only if:

   i. You are a workerowned business or workerowned collective; and
   ii. all financial gain, surplus, profits and benefits produced by the
business or collective are distributed among the workerowners

d. Any use by a business that is privately owned and managed, and that
seeks to generate profit from the labor of employees paid by salary or
other wages, is not permitted under this license.

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