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Re: [jox] Licence for articles

Hi all!

I consider this a fundamental decision in this project and I take it
very serious. To me it's one of the key decisions whether this project
will be just another leftist project or a peer production project.

4 days ago Toni Prug wrote:
ps. Stefan, I think that the reason FS thrived while allowing
commercial use is that some of the users will add value to the shared
object (new code, bugs fixed, documentation). What can we expect from
a for-profit entity that will perhaps one day wish to commercially
exploit the shared object? What can they add to a finished text, other
than bundling it to sell it in a different format? Not much.

IMHO these *considerations* are fundamentally misleading. I here them
From leftists for many, many years now. These considerations abuse
peer production for other goals: How can a license be useful for my
own goal XY (which is alienated from peer production)? Or in this
case: How can I wield a license against my enemies?

However, the GPL / CC-BY-SA is the foundation of a new era which
*transcends* the old struggles. Peer production is not about fighting
the old. Instead it is about building something new - for instance
something beyond money. In fact I find it striking that peer
production is *not* a leftist project and that the left movement was
*not* able to foresee peer production (and still in its majority
ignores this phenomenon - which is probably a good thing).

So IMHO the question for this project comes down to: Is this project
fighting old battles in the old world and thus is part of the old
world? Or is it supporting a new world and live up to the logic to the
new world?

BTW: The licences embed the new world into the framework of the old.
Insofar they are of utmost importance.



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