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Re: [jox] Licence for articles

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On 2011-06-06 21:44, Stefan Merten wrote:
Of course I welcome Mathieu's choice. Still...

1 hours ago Athina Karatzogianni wrote:
As I understand it we are getting into nuisances over licensing
here within the peer producing paradigm, shall we leave this 
for a
future issue to discuss and come to an agreement what to do with
is in a practical manner instead?

...I think it is a good idea to make this the main topic of an 


Hi all
 I also think that this is a good idea. However the problem is that to have a whole special issue - with formal CFP etc - it would be good to have a legal specialist on board; if you remember, we failed to find someone last year. I approached L. Liang at the CPOV conference in Amsterdam but he never got back to me. 

So what I was thinking is: maybe this would be a perfect topic for a Debate of strongly contrasted positions with an initial sub by the BY-SA position and a response by the NC position (or vice-versa)? Then there could be rejoinders? That way the papers can be shorter, don't need to be peer reviewed, and can really respond to the other position?

Anyone up for this?


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