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Re: [jox] Free Software Special Issue

Hi Mathieu,

On 2011-07-03 09:06, Mathieu ONeil wrote:
I am thinking that this journal is published and supported by Oekonux
but has not yet published anything by/about Oekonux... @StefanMn and
StefanMz: if you don't have time to write something completely new
is there perhaps a 7-9,000 words paper on ox / peer production in
German that we could translate into English for the next issue? Now
would be the perfect time to get this out as the next three issues
after that will be themed... We can discuss offlist if you prefer.

just some public feedback: I think, you are right. We should have a text 
with respect to Oekonux basics, and there are a lot of texts out there, 
but I am not sure, if they fit so well into the journal -- besides the 
germform paper which is yet in the pipeline. Maybe we can compile a 
combined paper from the germ form part one and the peer production part 
three of the whole paper? Here:



Start here:

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