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Issue on meta debate: Old or new tool set? (was: Re: [jox] Free Software Special Issue)

Hi StefanMz and all!

3 days ago Stefan Meretz wrote:
Thus, I would draw somewhat different consequences, namely: Let us 
organize the debate around these questions, and let us use the journal 
for that purpose.

Sounds good. But that would need a meta approach like this: Is it more
useful to use leftist tools [1]_ to understand the phenomenon of peer
production adequately or do we need new tools?

.. [1] Or maybe more generally: tools from the capitalist realm.

To accomplish this we could take one aspect of peer production and
apply both tool sets on this aspect, compare the results and draw a
conclusion - or leave it to the reader. A comparison needs to take
into account that the new tool set can not be as mature as the old

My only fear is, that there are only a few persons 
openly pushing the "breaking" side forward, so that finally the approach 
is completely underrepresented and the debate will not take place.

If we organize an issue around such a meta debate we are able to make
sure that both approaches are represented in a fair way.

This would also be a better topic than Oekonux - as I proposed lately.

What do people think?



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