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On-topic and off-topic (was: Re: [jox] Journal report - 19 August 2011)

Hi all!

Last week (9 days ago) Jakob Rigi wrote:
Dear members, I hope that I do not appear too invasive  in the first day of my membership. I really like discussing.

5 days ago Mathieu ONeil wrote:
On 08/24/11, Stefan Meretz  <stefan> wrote:
Second, I propose, to not go into deep debates content-wise here, but 
instead to move interesting topics as mentioned here to the main list 

Well, my perspective is that not everyone on this list is on ox-en. In fact I would say the majority is not. So it would make more sense for interested people in ox-en to come here if they want to discuss issues.

And here is the official introduction to this mailing list you all
have received:

     The mailing list


     provides a common discussion forum for the organizational aspects of the
     peer production journal.

     The list language is English.

     Everyone who is interested in this journal may subscribe here. Editors
     have to subscribe to this mailing list. All postings to this mailing list
     should relate to the journal. For more common discussions you are welcome
     to use the list


     By default replies go back to the list. Access to the member list is
     reserved for the members themselves. The list is archived in the Web under
     [3] Older postings can be
     re-read there.


     Visible links

In the past we even created a new list ([jox-tech]) to move certain
traffic from here to there. Still people complain about too much
traffic, constantly.

I appreciate discussion about content. But *this* list has not been
created for such discussion. [ox-en], however, has been created for
exactly this purpose. Thus what is off-topic here is perfectly
on-topic there. Nowadays the traffic there is low but a lot of people
interested in such debates are there. See

for subscription information.

I think we should stick with what we once decided and stop changing
things all the time.

BTW: This is *not* meant as advertisement. However, I experienced this
clash about the purpose of a mailing list a couple of times in the
past and think the topic of a list should be clear and kept clear.
People join the mailing list because they are interested in the topic
of the mailing list. Off-topic postings are clearly an unfriendly act
and should be moved to a place where they are on-topic.



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