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[jox] Re: On-topic and off-topic

Hi Mathieu, hi all!

Last week (8 days ago) Mathieu ONeil wrote:
I understand where you are coming from but at the risk of repeating
myself cssp does not equal oekonux (there is obviously some

Of course it does not equal it. Oekonux is an open discussion project
heading for a deep understanding of peer production while CSPP wants
to produce a scientific journal (with roughly the same topic?).

If I say

  >> BTW: This is *not* meant as advertisement.

then I mean it.

If people involved in the journal want to discuss issues
of substance on top of organisation (as they have done constantly)
then IMHO it's the description that needs to adapt to the reality,
not the other way around.

It seems to me that you are missing my point. This mailing list has
been created to organize the journal. I suppose that people are
consciously here and thus exactly for that purpose. If you now change
this purpose then you violate the interests of these people. I think
every maintainer should be very careful with changing the purpose of
the project and its facilities.

If people here want to discuss then this is fine. If for some reason
they find the projects surrounding CSPP which are specifically there
for discussion - like Oekonux or P2P Foundation - inadequate, then
this is also fine. However, nobody here but you expressed this. In
this case it is of course fine to create another mailing list for
exactly this purpose and for exactly those journal people who want to
discuss. That way those who want to discuss can do this in their own
tiny space and those who are interested in organization of the journal
are not bothered by content discussion.

On a larger scale I think this would be stupid since in the named
projects there are many more people who are interested in these topics
and thus another discussion list would be a waste of energy. But if
people want their own space then it's of course better to create it
then to violate the interests of those who want to get some work for
the journal done.

To be clear: The purpose of this project is to create a journal.
Insofar discussion of *journal* content may be necessary - which
unfortunately does not take place. It seems to me that you want to
create (yet another) discussion community. If this is your goal then
you should state this clearly and let people decide for themselves
whether they want to be part of this.

Since this about the interests of the people here: What do people

* Do you want to work for the journal?

* If so: Do you like mixing content and work on the same list?

* Do you want to discuss content?

* If so: Do your think you need a new, own space for this?



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