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Re: [jox] Message from Jean Zin on peer production

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(On behalf of Michel - bounced again..................!)

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just check the public records of your own list, the evidence is there plain
for everyone to see; if you give them the date, people can check for
themselves what happened and what we said

that you systematically misrepresented my arguments is in itself not the
problem, we all have our ideological blinders and cognitive filters which
sometimes make it difficult to listen to the other ; in times of stress,
they become stronger ... and I would certainly not claim I'm immune from

but accusing a position of being antisemitic without clear evidence, that
was outside the bounds of decency, and like Matteo, is what pushed me to
quit your list. It seems to me that other people, like Geert Loving and
Dmytri Kleiner, have left I believe for the general reason of
closedmindedness and dogmatism and the peculiar way you enforce one
particular interpretation. You are entitled to your own positions, however
closed and dogmatic they may be, but the lack of respect for difference does
drive people away,

by the way, when I discussed the charge of antisemitism with Stefan Meretz
(in Crottorf, he will remember this), he did not deny it like you do, but
acknowledged it, explained it through the peculiar German history (he told
me that leftists have fistfights over this in demonstrations), and that in
Germany, this was within the bounds of civic discourse. So, whatever the
merits of this explanation, others on the list clearly saw that accusations
had been made. Of course, if there is antisemitism, and you can cite and
quote or explain, I do accept that it would be said and charged. But a
general equation of arguments for the social production of money, with
antisemitism, is not such a thing, at all.

I don't think you realize how much harm you have done to Oekonux by your
accusations, as became clear to me during a recent trip to Italy, where
Oekonux has become deeply suspect in progressive circles. Perhaps some
people have not been so quiet about their experiences as I was.

I would hate to see the journal subject to the same, 'my way or the highway'

this is really the only reason I respond to this; otherwise, the 'incident'
for me is in the past, and as I said, I have not mentioned it anywhere since
it happened; as far as I'm concerned, this is something between you and your
own conscience.


On Tue, Sep 6, 2011 at 12:51 AM, Stefan Merten <smerten> wrote:

Hi Michel!

Last week (7 days ago) Michel Bauwens wrote:
let's translate the rational position of Stefan, who accuses people who
favor open currencies to be antisemites, as he did Matteo Pasquanelly for
calling capitalism 'parasitical' ..

It's really time for ridiculousness as it seems. You know as well as
me that this is simply not true. In fact I accused nobody as an
antisemite during the last couple of decades.

However, if you are stupid enough to not understand what has been
discussed some years ago - and I agree that it is an complicated issue
which needs a bit of background which has all been pointed out then -,
you really should stop talking about it - and especially about me.

I'll save the list from the rest of this extremely unpleaseant event.
But reading this I understand where the flaming comes from once in a



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