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Re: [jox] Re: Creation of core list

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Stefan Merten 10/15/11 1:29 PM >>> 
Hi all! 

The new mailing list is now operative. If you are interested then 
subscribe by writing a mail only containing the word 



journal-core-request AT 

(of course replace the "AT" by an " "). 

I subscribed Mathieu and myself but nobody else. 

@Mathieu: You saw the subscription mail. The list password is the same 
as for this list. 

4 days ago Mathieu ONeil wrote: 
 Stefan: Thanks for settin this up. My two cents: 

The description of what "core" is for seems overly restrictive to me
("organisational aspects") whilst the description of "general" seems a
bit vague ("important aspects"). 
Perhaps something like: 
core - journal theoretical orientation, policy changes, organisational


general - journal announcements and notices 

I did not yet change the description of the main list. Let's discuss 
this on [jox-core]. 

Also not sure why you are proposing not to archive? All other lists

I'll reply to these and more topics on [jox-core]. 



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