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Re: [jox] Is JoPP dead?

Please, can someone unsubscribe me from this list?

Thanks a lot! jeanette

Am 05.03.2012 15:36, schrieb Mathieu ONeil:
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Hi StefanMz

I answered your question on the JoPP list, perhaps you should check your inbox, or the archive?



On 03/05/12, Stefan Meretz<stefan>  wrote:
Am 05.03.2012 09:11, schrieb Hans-Gert Gräbe:
I see the main difference between JoPP and CSPP - not being involved in
neither one of these projects, but knowing the Oekonux discutants for a
while - just there: JoPP aims at studying the new experiences without
any theoretical background, CSPP aimed at "critical studies" in the same
sense as Marx wrote a "critics of political economy".

This in an interesting observation, but I am not sure if it has
something to do with a contentual reorientation.

What worries me more is the fact, that I received no answer on my
question about the JoPP mailinglist.

Is JoPP dead?


Start here:

Dr Mathieu O'Neil
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