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Re: [jox] p2p and market

Hi Jakob,

Am 30.03.2012 17:21, schrieb Jakob Rigi:
I am glad that you raised this issue, because, as I, in aother mail
posted in this mailing list, claimed our undrestanding of p2p depends on
our theory of value and theory of Money. And for my par, I t think that
Marx`s theory of value and money is the only correct theory.
ll the best

I have no idea about what you are writing here. What is "Marx`s theory of value and money" that you claim to be "the only correct theory"? I know many versions and interpretations of that theory being in many places quite contradictory ..

The more I have no idea what is a "correct theory"? Even if I already learned within school that "Marxism is almighty because it is true". So you are about that story?



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