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Re: [jox] p2p and market

Hi Jakob,

On 05/07/2012 09:35 PM, Jakob Rigi wrote:
I read your article `The Emergence of Benefit-Driven Production`  in a cafe
in Budapest this afternoon. It is the best of what I have read  on this
topic so far. I am also very much impressed by  your genre. You are able to
express  complex thoughts in a straightforward language without losing
the complexity. This is really an art.

wow, thank you :-)

Have you other writings?

I don't have many longer recent pieces in English, I'm sorry to say -- more
in German. There are two articles which aren't officially published yet, so
I'll send them to you in private.

One is for an upcoming book on the commons, edited by David Bollier and
Silke Helfrich -- the German edition has just been published, the English
edition is scheduled for fall.

The other is for the second edition for our journal, which, as we all know,
was originally planned for December but hasn't materialized yet :-( Mathieu,
can you comment on when the edition will be published -- I remember
something about June, I hope that still holds?

You can find some shorter articles in the English section of the Keimform
blog -> , e.g.

A Handout of a talk I gave at FSCONS 2010:

Some preliminary thought that lead up to my discussion of the "ecological
footprint" in the talk:

Some general thoughts of how to get out of capitalism:

PS:  By the way when is the next conference?  

Open Knowledge Conference, you mean? I don't know, I haven't received an
announcement and doesn't say anything. Maybe there won't
be an OKCon 2012...

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Those in authority tent to be annoyed by hackers' general attitude of
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a certain problem can't be solved. Suppress one, and you suppress the
        -- Paul Graham, Hackers and Painters

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