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Re: [ox-en] Motivation in Peer Production

On 2007-11-29 16:33, Zbigniew Lukasiak wrote:
1) How do you test it empirically

Continuous testing is running since 1991 when Torvalds releaded
Linux V0.01. It has been proven valid.

I beg to differ - this is not a controlled experiment.

You are right. This is what I want to show: You can't reduce live to an 
controlled experiment to gain results of an uncontrolled process. 
Controlled experiements show controlled behavior. These data are far 
worse than what you can observe anyway. In any case (experiment or real 
live) the point is: Are you able to see what can be seen? This ability 
depend on your theory operating as glasses on your nose;-)

2) What are the practical consequences


Looking at conditions: Do they support or limit selbstentfaltung?
Looking at needs: Are they in the focus?
Looking at the process: Can anybody participate?
Looking at the communication: Is full transparency given?
Looking at gender issues: Is participation open and
non-discriminatory? Looking at alienation dangers: Are there
influences from outside?

There is one problem with that list - where does it come from?

It fall out of my sleeve;-)

I don't want to say that it is invalid - but it would be more
convincing if it was systematic

It is systematic. What are you missing? Again: It depend on your glasses 
what is valid for you.

- otherwise it looks like just the 
list of everything that is currently considered 'good'.

It is not that simple. I did not make fix statements about what 
is "good", but ask questions. I find this more useful for practices 
than fixed statements, because reality is always different and moving.

Maybe you are more satisfied with some surveys? Well, there are some.
And more.

There were some interesting results, but, of course, only inside the 
rigid question frame. Thus I am generally sceptical about control when 
it comes to social processes.


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