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Re: [ox-en] Terminology: Peer X?

I just want to post my agreement with Stefan's assertion about the commonality of approaches. We have a lot of common ground. A diffierence is the historical grounding of oekonux in free software practice, which I think initially limited the view too much. But Stefan and I have learned much from each other I think (and more generally perhaps Oekonux and P2P Foundation as 'clouds'), as I have learned more about FLOSS, so has Stefan expanded his views to the other 'free modes'. However, I still think that for advocacy purposes, the point of view should be generalized from 'Linux Economy' to peer production and society/civilization' in general.


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Hi Franz, Michel, Christian, all!

So it seems to be widely agreed that "peer" is a nice term and my few
concerns seem to be unnecessary. Good :-) .

I don't feel Michel's core thinking is so much different from for
instance mine. We disagree on the edges and some minor points but
essentially I think we agree on much more than we disagree.


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