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Re: [ox-en] Re: The new and the old

Stefan, in your reply to Graham you say:

<To me peer production is a transition model as 
mentioned elsewhere. And the opposition is not a single "outcome", a 
single "modell", a single "expression", but a more general one, which 
draws through all contradictions we face.

MB: I would like you to develop this transition concept. In my view, peer production is a mode of production and sociality arising within the current society, but eventually poised to become the core logic of societal functioning. I see a combination of non-reciprocal dynamics in the core immaterial domain of social innovation, combined with pluralist forms of physical production, which will be peer-informed. This combination between a core logic and associated 'informed' practices is consistent with the historical record of structural-relational forms as identified by Alan Page Fiske in the Structures of Social Life.

Or you just take it pragmatically like Michel does. This is fine too
somewhat unsatisfying for me being interested in theory.

Well, not just pragmatically as in the spaghetti approach, i.e. see what sticks, I use concepts quite carefully, both with a view of their 'reality' and also their inner consistency in a broader framework. As I do not believe that reality follows any strict dialectic laws, I use the integral approach (always carefully about seeing the fulll (inter)subjective/(inter)objective four-quadrant aspects of realities, so as not to leave any of the interrelated facets out).It is also congruent with the trans-disciplinary approach, which starts from the object, then looks in a multi-perspectival way for which approaches can produce insights about the object of study. But it is true that I then apply these methods pragmatically and avoid high theory in my writings, as this would be totally inappropriate in a advocacy approach. P2P Theory has to be an aid to change the world, not a academic publish-or-perish exercice,


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